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  • All Tours Depart from Downtown Iaeger WV

Exact Location :  Apple Maps:,-81.810297&q=Dropped%20Pin&_ext=EiYpd6hciCa7QkAxh9wEJER0VMA59X2C5Ey8QkBBpaoRtYpzVMBQAw%3D%3D&t=k


Google Maps:


  • Please arrive a half hour before departure to prepare your machine as well as fill out the waiver forms for the tour.  (These forms will be given to you upon arrival)


  • All Day Tours, both private and open group, will have stops designated for fuel and lunch.  You will not need to haul extra fuel.  You may want to pack drinks and/or snacks, but there will be an opportunity to stop for fuel and lunch.


  • Our night rides do not have designated stops for food. There will be breaks if you would like to pack snacks/drinks for those times.  Our night rides are an average length of 50 miles so as long as you begin with a full tank of fuel, you will not need extra fuel for these rides.

  • We have a 15 minute late policy.  If you are running late, we will wait up to 15 minutes before we leave town for the tour.

  • If you have 2-Way Radios (FRS/GMRS), we suggest bringing those with you.  They are very useful to have to be able to communicate with other riders during the tour.  If you would be interested in purchasing radios, we offer them for sale on our website, as well as the day of the tour.  We will also have Wolfsnout Dust Masks as well as Samsung Navigation Tablets loaded with BobTs maps available for purchase the day of the tour.

  • Helmets are required when on any paved road or any Hatfield McCoy Trail.


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